The Opportunity of Transition: Executive Leadership Services as a Framework for Change

Client: Support Center for Nonprofit Management
Faculty: S.J Avery and Ana Oliveira
Team: Maya Lagana, Degan Mercado, Scott Stein, Jessica Warren
Year: 2009
The Support Center for Nonprofit Management provides services designed to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders, enabling nonprofit organizations to better serve their clients and communities. Among their offerings, they provide Executive Leadership Services to guide organizations through periods of executive transition, an increasingly crucial juncture for organizations during this economic crisis. The Capstone team conducted an evaluation looking at both the academic perspective on leadership transition and the impact of the Support Center's transition services on the marketplace. A survey of Support Center clients and interviews with key leaders in the field were conducted in order to create an understanding of the services provided and their effectiveness. The final report's recommendations provide a point of reference for the Support Center as they look to expand their client base and position themselves as a leader in the field of transition management. The report will also highlight the overall benefits of Executive Leadership Services to the nonprofit sector.