Options for Designing a Subnational Investment Facility for Cambodia

Client: National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development
Faculty: Paul Smoke
Team: Olajumoke Ayandele, Matthew Tschabold, Nary Ung
Year: 2013

The proposed Sub-national Investment Facility (SNIF) is a project-based financing facility to be made available to sub-national administrations at the provincial, district, and commune levels to support sustainable investments in local infrastructure and economic development. Working with the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD), the Capstone team produced a comparative case study analysis of the existing sub-national infrastructure finance mechanisms in five developing countries; conducted field research with staff from various central government ministries and international development institutions to identify political, legal, and capacity considerations important for designing and implementing the SNIF; and developed a set of policy options and recommendations regarding the legal status, governance structure, financing models, and project criteria for the NCDD to consider in moving forward with defining and establishing the SNIF.