Organizational Transition

Client: Agricultural Missions
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Kate Macom, Suzan Rosen, Daniel Young
Year: 2009
Agricultural Missions, Inc. (AMI) is a 79-year old faith-based ecumenical organization that accompanies rural peoples around the world in their efforts to address the structural causes of impoverishment and injustice in their communities. AMI's leadership requested a Capstone team to assist in evaluating the organization's current capacity and future potential to fulfill its mission. This resulted in recommendations on how best to reach that potential in a changing world. Through interviews with AMI staff and an online survey of AMI partners around the world, it was determined that the critical areas of focus were board capacity, marketing, and fundraising. The Capstone team gathered data and compiled various resources for AMI in these areas of focus through literature reviews and examinations of similar organizations. The team then provided recommendations for next steps and a compendium of resources for AMI to consider as it strives to efficiently expand its impact, achieve financial security, and increase its public profile.