Osteoarthritis Education

Client: Hospital for Special Surgery
Faculty: Anthony Kovner, John Donnellan
Team: Karly Dexter, Maura Keenan, Dordie Moriel, Kim Perry, Aytan Zadok
Year: 2012
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the number one nationally ranked orthopedic hospital, and a Magnet Designated Hospital, has identified a need to offer further nurse-driven community outreach programs. HSS requested a Capstone team to help incorporate evidenced-based best practices into their nurse-driven community outreach education program. The team was asked to develop a program that can be implemented and translated to other populations, to develop an assessment tool to evaluate success of the program, and to identify the costs and resources needed. A literature review was conducted to research current best practices. The team recommended compiling two databases: one for community centers accessed, and one for public outreach resources. An evidenced-based evaluation tool will provide the HSS Nursing Department with a formal nurse-driven education program and an avenue for their nurses to put into practice their teaching skills.