Outcome Evaluation of the Literacy Assistance Center Academy

Client: Literacy Assistance Center
Faculty: Charles Brecher
Team: Michelle Bensignor, Annabelle Eliashiv, Nicole Pritchard, Caroline Ross
Year: 2013

The Literacy Assistance Center (LAC) is a New York City-based nonprofit organization that increases opportunities for adults with low literacy skills and limited English language proficiencies by offering professional development training and technical assistance to instructors, policymakers, students, and other professionals focused on promoting adult literacy. The Capstone team’s purpose was to assess one of LAC’s programs, the LAC Academy, and its ability to enhance professionalization of the adult literacy education sector. In order to do so, the Capstone team conducted a literature review, designed quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools, and analyzed results from an online survey and two focus groups. Additionally, the Capstone team offered recommendations and a new evaluation tool that the Academy can administer to clients at the end of each course. These tools will allow LAC to continuously track the Academy’s outcomes and impact, as well as shape future certificate programs and course offerings.