Peer Reviewed Procurement

Client: World Bank - Procurement
Faculty: Beth Noveck
Team: Katherine Frew, Juan Pablo Giraldo, Rika Gorn, Kevin Hansen, Daniel Saat, Alexandra Skayne
Year: 2013

Billions of dollars are expended each year through the procurement process by which governments and multi-national lending institutions acquire the goods and services needed to complete development projects. One of the most crucial components affecting procurement is the process by which technical specifications are developed. This is particularly true in procurement of products and services in technology-intensive markets, where technical specifications require greater diversity and depth of expertise in order to obtain the best possible solution. The World Bank engaged a Capstone team to assist in accessing expert knowledge and identify ways to improve the procurement process. The team designed and developed a process and policy for an open and collaborative public procurement process to foster identification, implementation, and scaling of innovative solutions to help The Bank achieve its mission of poverty reduction.