Performance Management for the Greyston Foundation

Client: Greyston Foundation
Faculty: Dennis Smith and Ana Oliveira
Team: "Christopher Dabek, Craig Swaisgood , Rohini Vagarali"
Year: 2008
"The Greyston Foundation supports low­income individuals and families in Yonkers, NY, as they forge paths to self­sufficiency and community transformation. The Capstone team was charged with analyzing the performance measurement practices at Greyston in an effort to increase program effectiveness and to identify a structure for best practices in outcome measurement. To do this, the Capstone team examined Greyston's current performance management practices and developed a measurement tracking tool for three of twelve programs at the organization. This system will also serve as the prototype for Greyston's overall outcome measurement protocol: the Child Care Center (CCC), Yonkers' only NAEYC accredited day care; Issan House, a residence for people living with HIV/AIDS; and the Greyston Bakery, a social enterprise that serves the ""double bottom­line"" of reducing the Foundation's reliance on external funding sources in addition to providing jobs and training for an entry­level workforce within Yonkers. "