Performance Measurement and Management in New York City

Client: Citizens Budget Commission
Faculty: Charles Breacher
Team: Melissa Boynton, Aaron Feinstein, Elwood Hill, Tamar Kuhl, Rebecca Shaffer
Year: 2005
Effective performance management requires that appropriate goals be set by an organization and that the organization’s performance relative to those goals be assessed by objective measures. In New York City government, it is not always clear whether agencies are either setting the right goals or using the right measures. Ina representative government, these objectives and the data that describe how well government has met them should be available to the public. The City of New York has chosen its annual Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) as the vehicle to inform the public about the performance of City agencies. The MMR includes numeric and narrative descriptions of a variety of factors reflecting agency performance. The Capstone team worked with the Citizens Budget Commission to provide a framework for evaluating the City’s performance management procedures, comparing the City's practices with those of acknowledged leaders in this area.