Program for an Accelerated Transition to Public Administration Capacity

Client: NYU Wagner and Eduardo Mondlane University
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Kwasi Antwi, Lite Otoo, Jeffrey Tuller, Larry Woods
Year: 2004
In order to address the urgent need to develop the human resource capacity in public and health policy and management in Mozambique, NYU Wagner in 2003 was invited to offer an NYU Wagner Master’s degree at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) through an NYU Wagner-UEM partnership. The proposed three-year program seeks to build a cadre of effective and qualified public administrators within Mozambique, who are trained at the Master’s level. The temporary, transitional degree program at UEM would emphasize performance management, which includes financial and information management, ethics, the use of information technology, community relations, and conflict management —all to meet the needs of public sector reform, including health sector management reform and information technology capacity building. Working with a team of students from UEM, the Capstone team undertook a feasibility study and developed an implementation plan for this project.