Raising LIFT: Marketing to Increase Awareness

Client: Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT)
Faculty: Regina Quattrochi and David Hansell
Team: Bindra, KristinaCooper, David Garlick, Lauren M.Hernandez, Lisa Paradis Wolfe
Year: 2005
Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT) is a nonprofit organization that empowers children and families and educates the community by expanding access to family law and child welfare information through court-based and community programming. A previous Capstone client, this year LIFT identified a need to refine and enhance its evaluation tools and to develop a marketing strategy based on data analysis. LIFT believes it must increase awareness among clients and donors to ensure success of new programmatic initiatives, such as the launch of a new City Council-funded Hotline. As such, the Capstone team provided an extensive analysis of LIFT’s clientele based on demographics and pertinent family law issues for which they seek LIFT’s assistance. In addition, the team provided LIFT with a series of marketing tactics, including several reviews of marketing best practices, promotional plans, public relations resources, and case studies in order to provide LIFTwith the toolsit will need in order to achieve its goal of increased awareness.