The Reactivation of Queensway

Client: Institute for Rational Urban Mobility
Faculty: Michael Keane and Claire Weisz
Team: Scott Hobbs, Hang Huynh, Gabriel Kleinfeld, Daniel Simoes
Year: 2013

The Institute for Rational Urban Mobility (IRUM) was seeking to reactivate four-miles of railroad track running through central Queens. The plan called for a track reactivation design solution and the creation of a direct connection from the Midtown Manhattan Central Business District to JFK International Airport. IRUM requested a Capstone team to conduct extensive research of reactivating the line and produce several recommendations for a plan that incorporated both a restored railway and greenway for active recreational use. The plan analyzed airport traffic, subway and train use, construction and operating costs, and economic and environmental impacts of the project. If implemented, the final plan will keep New York City competitive with cities, such as London, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, while providing a beautiful public amenity to the residents and visitors to Queens.