Recycling in NYU Abu Dhabi

Client: New York University Abu Dhabi
Faculty: Hilary Ballon
Team: Eric Anderson, Peter Feroe, George Jasinski, Andrea Samdahl, Courtney Wolf
Year: 2009
New York University is developing a full scale campus in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that will admit its first class of students in the fall of 2010. The development and operation of New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) will embody the values of New York University, one of which is to be a responsible ecological citizen. The team was tasked with making recommendations for the creation of a comprehensive recycling program for both the permanent and interim campuses of NYUAD. NYUAD expects the recycling program to be broad in scope, attainable in nature, and emblematic of the innovative potential for recycling programs in the broader region. The plan addresses water, organic materials, disposable commodities (such as bottles and cans), and durable goods (such as furniture). The recommendations address both demand side management (sourcing, education) as well as the more traditional post-use issues of recycling (physical planning and operations).