Re­Evaluating Program and Organizational Focus and its Coherence with Current Trends in the Nonprofit Environment

Client: Near East Foundation
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: "Matthew Graham, Kristin O’Keefe, Arik Shur, Kate Synak"
Year: 2008
"Following an almost 100 year existence, the Near East Foundation (NEF) is at a pivotal point in reassessing its place among nonprofit organizations in a similar market. NEF's programs consist mainly of agriculture, education, health care and income generation projects that help communities find means to provide these elements for themselves. By conducting an environmental scan and interviewing individuals in the nonprofit world, the Capstone team gathered information to gain a comprehensive understanding of NEF's current role in the nonprofit community and possible alternatives to its future programs and direction. Using this information, the Capstone team highlighted NEF's comparative advantages and unique strengths in a core statement that can provide direction and guidance in future organizational and programmatic decisions. "