Relationship Between Elder and Staff Satisfaction

Client: Jewish Home and Hospital Lifecare System
Faculty: Amy Goldman and Roger Kropf
Team: Jonathan Har-Even, Kinjal Jani, Simone Nicole Peart, Yana Romanov, Seema Sood
Year: 2006
The Jewish Home and Hospital Lifecare System (JHHLS) is a complex nonprofit long term care system that serves almost 10,000 elders annually. JHHLS is committed to serving the needs of its residents and clients. JHHLS regularly surveys its staff and residents to evaluate their level of satisfaction and to continually provide the highest quality of care for all elders, staff, caregivers and their families. The Capstone team conducted an extensive literature review, examined all existing data, made connections between staff and resident satisfaction and developed a tool in order to help JHHLS understand what relationships exist between the staff and elder satisfaction. The tool will help study relationships on an on-going basis. The Capstone team has also made recommendations towards improving staff and elder satisfaction surveys.