Research and Assessment Tools for a Nutrition Program in India

Client: Real Medicine Foundation, India
Faculty: Steven Schall
Team: Jenny Hsieh, Hyein Lee, Eyiuwunmi Salako, Jaimie Shaff
Year: 2010
As of 2009, over 60 million children under the age of five are diagnosed with malnutrition in India. The state of Madhya Pradesh has the country's highest malnutrition burden, with 60% of its children under five malnourished. The Real Medicine Foundation addresses this issue with the project "Eradicate Malnutrition" that focuses on identification, treatment and prevention. RMF requested a Capstone team to conduct field visits to provide a comparative analysis of the local clinic (Anganwadi) and government run nutritional rehabilitation centers. The team presented RMF with a catalog of nutrition programs focused on children under the age of five, providing them with a broader understanding of approaches improving nutrition. The final report includes an analysis of field data, a nutritional catalog, a working document for inclusion in baseline assessment surveys, and potential next steps.