A Resource and Activity Plan

Client: Fundació Natura
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Lindsay Verdugo
Year: 2005
Fundació Natura is the first Catalan non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity through the protection, improvement, and restoration of natural ecosystems. The Catalan NGO is re-launching their online reforestation tool, www.plantatuarbol.com, after the program previously failed during the dot-com crash in late 2000. The job of the Capstone project was to work with the support of the Program Director to identify and improve past weaknesses while exploiting the strengths of the project and enhancing visibility and credibility for Fundació Natura. Preliminary work included a re-evaluation of the previous program structure using decision-tree analysis. The PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Act) Cycle, a Continuous Quality Improvement instrument, was used to analyze all past, present, and future insufficiencies and elaborate alternative solutions. The analysis included a managerial, financial, human resource and marketing assessment and re-organization. The study was used to create one sustainable and preventative solution, related to the roots of all program deficiencies. This included along-term resource and activity plan for the NGO. The plan is a way to control resources and future unexpected obstacles, as well as to monitor and detect when the project may be in a defined “danger zone.”