A Retail Market Analysis for NYCHA’s Prospect Park HOPE VI Project

Client: Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation
Faculty: Martha Galvez and David Margalit
Team: Aaron Eckrle, Randall Johnson, Yasmin Jones, Damayra Perez, Jolene Saul
Year: 2006
Ocean Hill/Brownsville is home to the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA’s) Prospect Plaza HOPE VI Project. Prospect Plaza, which is located at Saratoga Avenue and Sterling Place, is a multi-acre site that is bound by Fulton and Sutter Avenues to the north and south, and Rockaway and Buffalo Avenues to the east and west. This urban planning study, which was solicited at the behest of Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), undertakes a comprehensive retail market analysis that draws upon the available resources and identifies alternative uses for the project site. Specifically, the retail market analysis identifies the current state of commercial development in Ocean Hill/Brownsville and how economic growth can be fostered in and around the target area. The strategy that was employed in undertaking a comprehensive retail market analysis included 1) conducting residential and business surveys in the target are, 2) identifying economic trends and indicators that are associated with high growth retail areas and 3) generating maps that outlined area land uses, potential commercial development sites and other information of import to decision-makers. The final report will inform NYCHA and BEDC’s evaluation of the value of the alternative uses being proposed for the project site.

This Capstone was made possible with the support from The Moody’s Foundation.