The Return­on­Investment Created from Funding Human Services Programs

Client: Human Services Council of New York City
Faculty: John Brothers and Monte Kurs
Team: "Krisda Chintakananda, Sookhee Kim, Cate Lumpp, Molly Merriman, Mohammed Murad, Masahiro Sakurai"
Year: 2008
"Local human service programs operate under the chronic threat of budget cuts to already meager resources. Annual budget deliberations generally focus on the costs of these programs and rarely consider the benefits, despite the fact that these programs generate a significant return­on­investment – they help those being served avoid situations that require significantly more costly interventions. The Capstone team conducted extensive research into three existing areas focusing on the NYC region: alternatives to incarceration, supportive housing, and provision of early childcare services. The team examined and produced a report which empirically demonstrates the return­on­investment from funding human services programs. The report will be an important tool to inform elected officials, government administrators, and the public about the financial advantages from investing in this work, and the publication of such a document will improve the recognition of these programs as sound economic investments deserving of increased priority. "