Reuse of Rockaway Coast Guard Station Site

Client: National Park Service
Faculty: Carter Craft and Mitchell Moss
Team: Stephanie Denis, Adam Gerston, Kristin Havrilla-Clarke, Alexandra Simon
Year: 2006
The former Rockaway Coast Guard Station site occupies a prime location at the foot of the Marine Parkway Bridge and close to world famous Riis Beach. The Capstone team identified ways of adaptively reusing the historic station, and developed financial models to lay out the costs of renovation. The team studied hospitality facilities at other NPS sites around the country and based on that research, developed revenue and expense scenarios for new site uses such as a bed & breakfast, hostel, and conference center. Historic preservation of the station, environmental hazards, and transportation to and from the site also played a key role in the group’s reuse plans. Team members sought to link the Coast Guard building to other relevant developments in the NPS’s Jamaica Bay Unit and, in a larger context, to the entire Gateway National Recreation Area, stretching from the Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey to Staten Island, Breezy Point, and Jamaica Bay.