Scalable Fundraising Plan to Raise Unrestricted Revenue

Client: Community Works
Faculty: John Brothers and Monte Kurs
Team: "Timothy Higdon, Thomas Song, Amy Yen"
Year: 2008
"Community Works, based in New York City, is a 15­year young nonprofit arts and education organization that aims to strengthen communities and public school arts curricula through programs that honor local communities and unsung heroes. In recent years, Community Works has faced rapid growth that includes an impending move into the new Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem as the resident arts program producer. With strong support from restricted funding sources and a nascent program in unrestricted giving, Community Works has great opportunities to increase its financial resources. This Capstone project's main objective is to assist Community Works in strengthening its capacity to raise unrestricted revenue by conducting a development audit, creating a fundraising plan, and incorporating prevailing fundraising practices from peer organizations in the arts and education sector. "