Scaling Up for the Millennium Development Goals

Client: United Nations Development Programme
Faculty: Steven Schall, Katherine Bourne
Team: Nadirah Blassingame, Zakia Griffin, Nicholas Holsapple, Na Hae Kim, Elisabeth Sewall
Year: 2012
The Bureau for Development Policy of the United Nations Development Programme has selected 10 countries in which to scale up proven local development projects in sectors that include microfinance, good governance, employment, energy, and water and sanitation over the next two to three years. UNDP requested a Capstone team to assist them with designing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system specifically for use during the scale up phase of the selected projects. The Capstone team focused on projects in two of the 10 countries, Colombia and Rwanda, to assess gaps in the M&E systems currently in place and draft a set of indicators that could be used to measure each project's outcomes and impacts. In addition, the Capstone team conducted a literature review of M&E systems being used in international development.