Scoping Financial Literacy Partnerships for Corporate Social Responsibility

Client: Standard & Poor's
Faculty: Christine Chisholm
Team: Maria Isabel Ullloa Cruz, Iyana Davis, Katie Martin, Rashida Mason, Jesslyn Moser, Todd Schechter
Year: 2011
Standard & Poor's (S&P), a leading provider of financial market intelligence, seeks to harness the intellectual resources and competencies of its worldwide staff to help educate and inform future genera­tions of financially literate citizens and investors. S&P requested a Capstone team to identify opportunities for strategic partnerships and design a pilot financial literacy program powered by S&P employ­ee volunteers in Chicago, Illinois and Melbourne, Australia. The Capstone team gathered extensive research on financial literacy needs and existing financial litera­cy programs in order to identify synergies with S&P. The final report provides a selection of partnership opportunities with government and nonprofit institu­tions that S&P executives can evaluate and pursue based upon available funding and resources. The team's recommenda­tions for identifying, evaluating, and creat­ing partnerships can help S&P scale its employee volunteer program to offices in 23 countries around the world.