Sing Sing Historic Prison Museum

Client: Village of Ossining, Westchester County Department of Planning
Faculty: Audrey Slade and Rae Zimmerman
Team: Jeanmarie Brennan, Susan Willetts Favate, Danielle Grillo, Andrew Murray, Richard Rain, Jordan Smith
Year: 2007
The Capstone team produced a report examining the planning context and feasibility of a Sing Sing Historic Prison Museum within the walls of the active Sing Sing Correctional Facility. The report is part of a comprehensive resource package for community outreach efforts and funding applications to public and private sources. The Capstone team identified four study areas for the report: (1) Economic impacts of the museum including an economic base analysis, updated projections of anticipated economic benefits (including employment and visitor spending), identification of potential spillover effects, and case studies for communities with comparable facilities were analyzed. (2) A survey was conducted of the existing tourism resources in the vicinity, and suggestions on how the proposed museum would complement and benefit from this critical industry. This section evaluates prospects for establishing a national and international profile, as well as potential to tap into the New York City tourism market. In addition, comparable museum facilities are detailed, with lessons for the museum highlighted. (3) The access, parking and transportation chapter identifies existing transportation resources that provide access to the proposed museum. Impacts of the museum on existing transportation networks are projected as well as recommendations for mitigation. (4) Linkages between the waterfront location of the museum and the Village’s central business district were also identified. Transportation improvements, urban design solutions, and the creation of community linkages are explored as means of knitting together these two critical nodes of activity.