Staff Training Curriculum: Substance Use/Abuse Prevention Among Youth in Congregate Care

Client: New York Foundling Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection
Faculty: SJ Avery and Michael Mcgarvey
Team: Mary Jane Carroll, Talya Enriquez, Sasha Lalite, Jessica Taback
Year: 2006
The New York Foundling aims to help children, youth, and adults in need through advocacy, preventive, and in-care services. Within the NY Foundling, the Fontana Center provides training, research and public awareness for the treatment and prevention of child abuse. The New York Foundling continues to investigate contributing variables for at-risk youth in congregate care that affect both their current and future development. This includes gaining knowledge of demographic and etiological factors that may affect youth’s drug and alcohol use, particularly those in foster care. With these objectives in mind, the NY Foundling implemented a 2005 study to investigate substance use among its population. To supplement the study’s findings, the Capstone team conducted an extensive literature review to determine best practices for substance use/abuse prevention. The team developed an informative training curriculum for the Foundling staff about substance use/abuse among its target population. Additionally, the team recommended peer education as an effective method for substance use/abuse prevention for at-risk youth.