The State of Cancer in Developing Countries of Asia and Latin America

Client: American Cancer Society
Faculty: John Gershman
Team: Samara Blum, Chris Davis, Amy Holmes, Deborah Hong, Diana Lugo-Rodriguez
Year: 2004
The Capstone team evaluated the burden of cancer in five developing countries: China, India, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. These countries have developed economically and socially to levels which place them at risk for significantly increasing cancer rates and mortality. For each country, the team assessed the current state of cancer; identified risk factors; evaluated the public and private health care systems; assessed gaps in prevention, treatment, and access to care; identified potential partners for ACS to collaborate with (mainly government agencies and NGOs); and provided recommendations on entry opportunities and best practices. Immigrant populations from each country within the U.S. were also analyzed to determine how ACS can best conduct outreach to immigrant groups for domestic cancer intervention programs.