The State of New York State: Parent Education Programs for At­Risk Families

Client: New York State Office of Children and Family Services
Faculty: Sara Grant, Merle McGee
Team: Kara Grieco, Adam Kaloides, Lu Li, Juanita Lleras
Year: 2011
The Office of Children and Family Services serves New York by promoting the safety and well­being of children, families, and communities within the State. The pur­pose of this Capstone project was to look comprehensively at parent education pro­grams across New York. The team con­ducted a literature review, developed a summary of parent education programs, and assessed best practices in parent edu­cation through a survey distributed to all New York State agencies. The team also created a database of parent education programs and foster care agencies. The Capstone team made informed recommendations about the most effective programs for atrisk parents to help the Office of Children and Family Services reduce the reentry rate of children into foster care.