A Strategic Approach to Improve Collaborative Opportunities and Marketing Initiatives

Client: National Council for Research on Women
Faculty: Sara Grant, Merle McGee
Team: Sadia Choudhury, Christina DeCesare, Sapan Goel, Rebecca Kahn, Yael Reisman
Year: 2011
The National Council for Research on Women is a network of 120 leading research, policy, and advocacy centers committed to improving the lives of women and girls. The Council provides the latest news, information, and strategies to ensure fully informed debates, effective policies, and inclusive practices. The Council is now in a position to think about strategic growth and requested the Capstone team develop strategies for the Council to become a more integral resource to the women's and progressive communities. The Capstone team performed an environmental scan to provide a deeper understanding of the field and surveyed partner and nonpartner organizations to determine what organizations seek from collaboration. The report's recommendations provide a road map for the Council to develop new marketing strategies and collaborative opportunities to strengthen its reputation in the field of women's research and policy.