Strategic Plan to Expand Ferry Service in the New York Region

Client: Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
Faculty: Kate Collignon, Kei Hayashi
Team: Todd Kimmel, Daniel Scorse, Evan Seiler, Rosa Taveras, Lynn Vande Stouwe
Year: 2011
The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA)—an umbrella nonprofit represent­ing nearly 500 organizations—is a leader in public access, planning, and environ­mental work related to the New York Harbor. The Capstone team developed a step­by­step strategic plan for MWA to work toward expanded passenger ferry service in the metro area. The plan uses eleven case studies of ferry systems, interviews with industry experts and government officials, NYCEDC's Comprehensive Citywide Ferry Study, the upcoming East River ferry service, and the team's creative input as a basis for its recommendations. The team's recommendations include an East River ferry partnership with EDC and NY Waterways, strategies to engage Community Boards, opportunities for upland transportation connections, funding opportunities, an exploration of expanding commuter ferry capacity for emergency service, and a partnership with business leaders interested in strengthening the New York region.