Strengthening the Management, Development & Programming Structures Necessary for a Nonprofit Organization’s Success

Client: Career Gear
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: Hedieh Fakhriyazdi, Cynthia Fredericks, Molly Heffernan, Bin Hong Plume, Gabrielle Raymond
Year: 2013

Career Gear is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged men obtain and maintain jobs by providing them with business-appropriate clothing, professional development counseling, and follow-up support to achieve self-sufficiency. At a pivotal point in its development, Career Gear requested a Capstone team to provide assistance with executing proper organizational development and management structures. The team first interviewed staff members in order to provide a clear picture of the existing internal management structures. Additionally, the team observed programming and board meetings to clarify the scope and nature of Career Gear's services and needs. The information was then compiled, researched, and analyzed to produce a report of management tools, development models and programming suggestions. These recommendations will assist Career Gear in the building of a sustainable financial path, a strong organizational structure, and ultimately drive the organization's success in fulfilling its mission.