Sustainability Evaluation of Center Education 2000+

Client: Center Education 2000+
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Kyle Christensen, Felicia Anne DeRosa, Romain Pison, Lora Lynn Wentzel
Year: 2006
Since its inception in 1999, Center Education 2000+ has made an indelible impact on Romania’s educational system by promoting democratic values such as openness, critical thinking, and creativity. The NGO’s diverse and impressive portfolio of educational programs all work to actively engage students in the evolution of a democratic system. Since the financial and institutional framework is evolving within the European Union policies, Center Education 2000+ is re-thinking its mission, structures, partnerships, and financial sources. The Capstone team engaged in a literature review on sustainability concepts and the NGO environment in Romania, a site visit to Romania to conduct key information interviews, and a written evaluation of the organization. The main report was submitted to the SOROS Foundation to secure permanent funding for Center Education 2000+ to ensure their role in educational reform and civil society engagement in Romania.