Sustainably Yours: Improving Constituent Services

Client: Environmental Grantmakers Association
Faculty: Christine Campbell
Team: "Leah Christenson, Angelica Crane, Rachel Cyrulnik, Roy Eappen, Roshni Melia, Jason Solle"
Year: 2008
"Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) brings together key players in environmental philanthropy to share, collaborate, and network. As the organization prepares for its upcoming strategic planning process, it seeks further information on how it can best service its member foundations and affinity groups. The Capstone team was recruited to make salient recommendations regarding member opinions and engagement, affinity group relations, and comparative practices in the field. The team developed and distributed a member survey, interviewed executive directors of eleven environmental affinity groups, and closely researched twelve grantmakers/funders associations for benchmarking. Team members analyzed results of these endeavors and wrote up a report of key findings and recommendations to inform EGA's strategic plan. The Capstone team also presented a narrative report of these findings to EGA's executive director. "