Transforming Practice: From Performance Measurement to Outcome Performance Management

Client: New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Faculty: Dennis Smith and Ana Oliveira
Team: "Kate Hansen, Christina Harvey"
Year: 2008
"The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Services (OTDA) provides and/or oversees programs administered through 58 local districts: temporary cash and heating assistance; assistance in paying for food; child support enforcement; eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits; homeless housing and services; and assistance to certain immigrant populations. The Commissioner of OTDA requested this project to improve performance management, building on existing capabilities in performance measurement. The Capstone team examined the exchange of communication and measurement data between OTDA and local dis­tricts; solicited from various stakeholders recommendations for performance system changes; and conducted interviews with district commissioners, OTDA officials, relevant performance management experts, and officials from related state agencies. The team's literature review examined mechanisms utilized in other states that could serve as models for OTDA. Based on its research, the Capstone team recommended mechanisms with the best chances for success for OTDA. "