Treating Obesity in Asian and Hispanic Patients In the Lower East Side: A Prevalence Study and Needs Assessment

Client: Gouverneur/Bellevue WeightManagement Initiative
Faculty: SJ Avery and Susan Swift
Team: Elizabeth Diaz, Suzanne Gallagher, Janice Magno, Jamie Schnuer, Jessica Sullivan, Wendy Weng
Year: 2005
The Capstone team was asked by Gouverneur Treatment and Diagnostic Center to conduct a prevalence study and needs assessment for the conditions of obesity or being overweight in the patient population. The team first took a random sample of demographic information from patient charts to determine the extent of the problem. The team then conducted a needs assessment through surveys, interviews and a focus group, to determine the Gouverneur patient population’s current knowledge regarding obesity and being overweight, as well as the population’s interest in potential Gouverneur weight management services. With this information, the team will provide Gouverneur with recommendations on how to tailor the Weight Management Clinic to their patient population in order to deliver culturally appropriate, well-attended and beneficial services.