Upper East Side and East Harlem Community Engagement Study

Faculty: Kate Collignon, Kei Hayashi
Team: Heather Diaz, Kathryn Johnson, Naama Lissar, Lauren O'Toole
Year: 2011
CIVITAS is a member­based nonprofit organization serving the Upper East Side and East Harlem communities for the last 30 years on a variety of initiatives in the areas of zoning, transportation, streetscape, and environmental quality. With the assis­tance of the Capstone team, CIVITAS want­ed to gather data to ensure its current and future initiatives correspond with the needs of the community and engage a broader spectrum of the community than it has historically. The Capstone team con­ducted a comprehensive community engagement study of its large and diverse community districts in East Harlem and the Upper East Side. The Capstone team analyzed survey results and produced rec­ommendations on issues to pursue that are a high priority for local community members and feasible to undertake given the organization's capacity.