Urban Reproductive Health Agenda

Client: "New York City Council, Policy and Investigations Division"
Faculty: S.J Avery and John Donnellan
Team: "Arkaprava Deb, Amanda Jo Greep, Susan Hernandez, Alicia Starkey"
Year: 2008
"In America's urban centers, high concentrations of poverty, large immigrant populations, and overtaxed public health systems converge to make reproductive health policy an issue of critical need. To begin a dialogue on best practices in urban reproductive health policy, the New York City Council (NYCC), Mayor Bloomberg, and the National Institute for Reproductive Health will hold a summit on urban reproductive health in May 2008, which will bring together municipal leaders from across the nation. Through extensive research, the Capstone team, working on behalf of the NYCC's Policy and Investigations Unit, developed a compendium of municipal­level reproductive health policies and best practices, and made policy recommendations toward a comprehensive reproductive health agenda for U.S. cities in advance of the summit. The project focused on four core areas of reproductive health: abortion and contraception; reproductive health screening and prevention; healthy pregnancies and birth outcomes; and teen sexuality. "