Capstone Courses and Projects

Community Healthcare Network

Implementation of an Electronic Health Record
"Community Healthcare Network (CHN) is a nonprofit organization that provides access to affordable, culturally­competent and comprehensive community­based primary care, mental health, and social services for diverse populations in underserved communities throughout New York City. In anticipation of the implementation of eClinicalWorks, an Electronic Health Record, CHN asked the Capstone team to perform a pre­and post­implementation analysis of selected clinics and make recommendations to facilitate a smooth transition away from paper records. CHN's primary goal was to assess how patient wait times would be affected by the Electronic Health Record. The team conducted site visits and analyzed existing workflows and policies prior to the date on which use of the Electronic Health Record would begin. The team then made extensive recommendations to improve efficiencies. The updated workflows were intended to serve as a model for post­implementation practice management and clinical operations. "

Harlem Hospital Center

Greening Initiatives for Harlem Hospital Center
"Harlem Hospital Center (HHC) is two years along in its five­year Modernization Capital Campaign to upgrade its campus and build a new patient pavilion. HHC has a long and distinguished tradition of providing innovative, high­quality health care programs and services to the Harlem community, and aims to continue providing leadership by incorporating greening standards into its modernization program. By incorporating green practices, HHC will not only reduce operating costs and environmental waste but also provide its patients with a healthier healing environment and maintain a moral obligation to reduce its carbon footprint in the Harlem community. The Capstone team's main objective was to provide HHC with greening alternatives that can be incorporated into renovation of its existing facilities and create long­term savings. The team provided HHC with extensive research which included presentation of greening initiative models incorporated by other health care facilities, trade expert interviews with those involved in greening projects at other local NYC hospitals, and a three­year cost benefit analysis of the recommended initiatives. It is the goal of the Capstone team to assist HHC in becoming an environmental steward in the healthcare community. "

New Milford Hospital

Planning for an Electronic Medical Record: Research Based Guidelines
"New Milford Hospital (NMH) is an 85­bed community hospital in Connecticut facing the challenge of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving healthcare information technology environment. NMH asked the Capstone team to help its Health Information Technology Committee prepare to upgrade their current core system and develop a strategic plan for achieving a fully integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR). NMH believes this will greatly improve patient care and allow the hospital to participate in regional healthcare data exchange. The Capstone team identified and interviewed best practice community hospitals that have implemented a functional EMR. It then compared and analyzed the core EMR products of several vendors, assessing their benefits and limitations to NMH, and verifying their match to its infrastructure and resources. The team's final report provides recommended transition plans, after the selection of a suitable core vendor, as the hospital migrates towards a comprehensive EMR. "

New York Academy of Medicine

Alternatives for Diversifying the Revenue Base at New York Academy of Medicine
"For the past 160 years, the New York Academy of Medicine has been engaged in research and education to enhance the health of people living in cities, particularly disadvantaged populations. The Academy relies primarily on grants to support its activities but in recent years that support has been declining. Given the current environment, the Academy is reassessing its business model. The Academy asked the Capstone team to assist in identifying more diversified revenue streams. The team interviewed other organizations for ideas on how the Academy can expand its education programs, market its intellectual property, and maximize the value of its library and historical collections. Based on these interviews, the team identified that the Academy may potentially generate revenue from event hosting, physician executive education programs, and e­commerce opportunities at the library. To further identify market opportunities, the team conducted competitive and service analyses in the aforementioned areas and examined benefits and costs associated with the proposed projects. Finally, the team recommended strategies on how to translate these opportunities into revenue streams. "