Capstone Courses and Projects

Brennan Center for Justice

Campaign Finance Reform Project
The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law is a nonpartisan public policy and law institute that focuses on fundamental issues of democracy and justice. Recently, the organization has focused on public financing of political campaigns and completed an empirical analysis of electoral competition and low contribution limits. To build on this research, The Brennan Center proposed to study the impact of public financing on the competitiveness of elections, contestedness of elections and diversity of candidates in the states and municipalities that have adopted such systems. In response to the request, the Brennan Center Capstone team examined the impact of public financing on key factors in gubernatorial, state senate and state house/ assembly races.

New York City Food and Fitness Partnership

Improving Access to Healthy, Fresh Foods in East and Central Harlem
The NYC Food and Fitness Partnership is a taskforce comprised of members from several local organizations and city agencies dedicated to improving access to healthy food and increasing opportunities for physical activity and active living for all New Yorkers. The Partnership charged the Capstone team to study the disparities in access to supermarkets for residents in East and Central Harlem. The Partnership was particularly interested in identifying ways the City of New York can help current and potential supermarket operators in these neighborhoods overcome operational barriers that affect store quality and often limit the availability of healthy, fresh foods in their stores. To identify these barriers, the Capstone team designed and conducted a survey assessing store quality, operations, design, and management. Using the survey data, the team identified ways the City can better support supermarket operators and improve the provision and consumption of healthy foods in East and Central Harlem.