Service Excellence for Nurse Leaders

EXEC-GP.2810, 3 points.


Only open to Executive MPA students. 

This course is designed to explore the complex organizational mechanisms that need to be in place for the delivery of world-class service. While many organizations understand the importance of service, the ability to consistently deliver on this service often eludes them. This is especially true in healthcare organizations. This course will cover a broad range of service delivery topics including: defining service excellence, aligning core organizational and human resource systems for service delivery, seeing service from the customer’s perspective, improving systems and service, service failure and recovery, and benchmarking best practices in world class service organizations. In addition to providing you with an understanding of current issues in service excellence, a second objective of this course is to develop your skills in applying these concepts. To do this, business cases, classroom exercises and assignments will provide individuals and groups an opportunity to practice analyzing and solving actual service problems.



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