Geographic Information Systems and Planning Workshop

NONCR-GP.118,  points.


This one-day workshop will introduce students to the fundamental concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to the leading software called ArcGIS, and to the uses of spatial analysis in urban planning, management, policy, and finance. Completing a number of hands-on exercises, and a case study, students will be introduced to the map making tools available in ArcGIS and learn some basic map design principles. Using a variety of data, students will learn to map in layers, create, edit and manipulate spatial and attribute data, query a GIS database, and present these data clearly using maps. They will also learn to create map layouts for printing and for inclusion in PowerPoints.

Time permitting, finding data on the internet suitable for mapping and solving a variety of geographic problems (e.g. map projection) may also be briefly covered.

Prerequisites: none

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