Topics in Municipal Finance

PADM-GP.2146, 3 points.

Semester: Spring


This course is taught by a team of seasoned finance practitioners and is designed to provide students with a keen grasp of a variety of topics and disciplines in municipal finance. Topics to be covered include municipal credit analysis, municipal pension obligations, public-private partnerships, infrastructure finance, bond insurance, portfolio management, municipal derivatives, and alternative energy finance. The course will also cover current topics in finance including financial regulation, the credit crisis, and privatization of government assets.



Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2015Gerard J. Lian, Jerrold H. AbrahamsSyllabus
Spring 2014Gerard J. Lian, Jerrold H. AbrahamsSyllabus
Spring 2014Gerard J. Lian, Jerrold H. AbrahamsSyllabus
Spring 2012Gerard J. LianSyllabus
Spring 2011Gerard J. LianSyllabus
Spring 2010Gerard J. LianSyllabus
Spring 2009Syllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Spring 2015Gerard LianEvaluation
Spring 2015Jerrold AbrahamsEvaluation
Spring 2014Gerard LianEvaluation
Spring 2014Jerrold AbrahamsEvaluation
Spring 2013Gerard J. LianEvaluation
Spring 2012Lian, GerardEvaluation
Spring 2011Abrahams, JerroldEvaluation
Spring 2011Arcieri, JosephEvaluation
Spring 2011Lian, GerardEvaluation
Spring 2010Abrahams, JerroldEvaluation
Spring 2010Arcieri, JosephEvaluation
Spring 2010Lian, GerardEvaluation
Spring 2009Lian, GeraldEvaluation
Spring 2009"Arcieri, Joseph"Evaluation
Spring 2009"Abrahams, Jerrold"Evaluation
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