Development Assistance, Accountability and Aid Effectiveness

PADM-GP.2204, 3 points.

Semester: Spring


International development assistance has evolved considerably in the post WWII period. Although some of the initial development agencies are still operating and remain influential, the way they function has evolved and important new players have entered the field. This course provides an overview of contemporary debates in international development assistance with a detailed review of the major actors - multilateral, bilateral, and nongovernmental. The course explores the political economy of donor-client country relationships, the key accountability challenges that have emerged, and the link between accountability and aid effectiveness. Particular emphasis is given to recent approaches to development assistance that have attempted to bridge the accountability-effectiveness divide. The course closes with consideration of the likely and possible future of development assistance.


CORE-GP 1018 and CORE-GP 1022

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2015John GershmanSyllabus
Fall 2011John GershmanSyllabus
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Spring 2015Paul SmokeEvaluation
Spring 2015John GershmanEvaluation
Spring 2013John GershmanEvaluation
Fall 2011Smoke, PaulEvaluation
Fall 2011Gershman, JohnEvaluation
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Gershman, John J
Smoke, Paul

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