Innovative Leadership for Human Development: The UN and the MDGs

PADM-GP.2226, 4 points.

Semester: Fall


The course will explore an integral framework for international development that compliments the current hyper-rational, statistical, technocratic, bureaucratic approach. Integral development includes systems/institutions/policies, cultural development, individual behavior and individual consciousness and values. The course will then enable students to experience and practice innovative leadership methods that can make a dramatic difference in their life and work. As an alternative to a "command and control" leadership style, innovative leadership is facilitative, participatory, collaborative, creative and profound. Four levels of innovative leadership will be experienced, enhanced and practiced:
physical/sensory capacities, psychological/historical capacities, mythic/symbolic capacities and unitive/intuitive capacities. UN program experience will be shared related to the role of innovative leadership in achieving the MDGs in Nepal, Albania, the Eastern Caribbean, Kenya and the Philippines.



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