Project Management

PADM-GP.4110, 1.5 points.

Semester: Summer, Fall


Effective development, planning, execution and communication of special projects are critical to all types of public service organizations. Service organization, health providers and other institutions constantly pursue new initiatives – offering new services, developing creative approaches to service delivery, beginning new program components, opening new facilities, introducing new technologies – to address the demands of their constantly changing environment. Non-profit and government organizations face similar pressures are also rely on special projects to address them. This course offers an introduction to the basic concepts and methods for directing projects and provides students with tools that prepare them for success as a project manager.

Prerequisites: none

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Fall 2015Will CarlinSyllabus
Fall 2014Will CarlinSyllabus
Fall 2013Will CarlinSyllabus
Fall 2013Will CarlinSyllabus
Fall 2012Will CarlinSyllabus
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Fall 2015Robertson WorkEvaluation
Fall 2015Will CarlinEvaluation
Summer 2015Robertson WorkEvaluation
Summer 2015Will CarlinEvaluation
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Fall 2013Will CarlinEvaluation
Summer 2013Will CarlinEvaluation
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Carlin, William J C

Weekly Schedule:
Fri - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fri - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Session Dates:
10/07/2016 to 10/07/2016
10/21/2016 to 10/21/2016

Bldg:GCASL Room:375