Building Effective Teams

PADM-GP.4112, 1.5 points.

Semester: Spring, Summer, Fall


In order to utilize teams with the desired result, attention must be paid to how and why teams are assembled, launched, managed and rewarded. This course is also designed to prepare students for their Capstone project teams. 

This two-day course provides the fundamental principles and methods required to create high performing work, project, Capstone, and/or problem-solving teams. Topics covered will include: moving from group to team; stages of team development; identifying the key competencies for successful team functioning; critical roles and responsibilities on a team; ensuring team productivity; and troubleshooting common team problems. Particular attention will be paid to the critical success factors of Capstone teams - a unique type of team that has its own special challenges.

NOTE: In order to apply course concepts immediately, students form teams to complete the final assignment which is due 2-3 weeks after the course ends.

Prerequisites: none

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Spring 2016Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Fall 2014Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Spring 2014Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Fall 2012Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Summer 2012Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Spring 2012Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Fall 2011Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Fall 2010Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Spring 2010Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Fall 2009Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Spring 2010Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
Spring 2009Syllabus
Summer 2009Charlotte WagenbergSyllabus
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Fall 2015Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
Spring 2015Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
Fall 2014Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
Summer 2014Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
Fall 2013Charlotte WagenbergEvaluation
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Wagenberg, Charlotte

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