Fund-Raising for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

PADM-GP.4131, 2 points.

Semester: Summer, Fall


Students will have an opportunity to learn about fundraising, as well as, the topic of philanthropy more broadly. This course will specifically help students develop fundraising strategies for a not-for profit; understand external issues which impact successful fundraising and participate in a role play for meeting with donors. Topics in the course will focus on board development, annual giving, major gifts, foundation fundraising, building a successful development operation, designing campaigns and identifying multiple sources of funding. The importance of research and creating a donor focused culture within an organization will also be stressed.



Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2014Debra La MorteSyllabus
Spring 2014Debra La MorteSyllabus
Spring 2009Joan BronkSyllabus
Spring 2011Debra La MorteSyllabus
Fall 2010Joan BronkSyllabus
Spring 2010Debra La MorteSyllabus
Fall 2009Joan BronkSyllabus
Spring 2009Debra La MorteSyllabus
Fall 2008Joan BronkSyllabus
Fall 2008Joan BronkSyllabus
Spring 2008Debra La MorteSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Fall 2013Joan BronkEvaluation
Summer 2013Debra La MorteEvaluation
Fall 2011Bronk, JoanEvaluation
Spring 2011LaMorte, DebraEvaluation
Fall 2010Bronk, JoanEvaluation
Spring 2010LaMorte, DebraEvaluation
Fall 2009Bronk, JoanEvaluation
Fall 2008Bronk, JoanEvaluation
Spring 2008LaMorte, DebraEvaluation
Spring 2009LaMorte, DebraEvaluation
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