Managing Corporate Partnerships and Social Responsibility

PADM-GP.4134, 1.5 points.

Semester: Summer


Corporate Social Responsibility is an evolving model for corporations, organizations and entities of varying size and purpose to pursue blended value – combining core business practices with scalable social impact. This course explores the multiple platforms to pursue blended value, a deep dive into financial institutions and their relationship with CSR, the utility of social finance platforms, impact evaluation and measurement, tools for cross sector collaboration and the forward-looking trends for CSR. 

Prerequisites: none

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Summer 2014Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2012Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2012Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2011Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2009Lucille PillingSyllabus
Summer 2008Lucille PillingSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Summer 2015Rehana NathooEvaluation
Summer 2014Alicin WilliamsonEvaluation
Summer 2013Alicin WilliamsonEvaluation
Summer 2013Michael BalaoingEvaluation
Summer 2011Williamson, AlicinEvaluation
Summer 2010Williamson, AlicinEvaluation
Summer 2010Gonzalez, JenniferEvaluation
Summer 2009Goldschein, JenniferEvaluation
Summer 2009Pilling, LucilleEvaluation
Summer 2008Pilling, LucilleEvaluation
Summer 2008Goldschein, JenniferEvaluation
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