Managing Corporate Partnerships and Social Responsibility

PADM-GP.4134, 1.5 points.

Semester: Summer


Corporate Responsibility is an evolving model with more and more companies understanding its inherent value in strengthening their businesses. This course explores the trends of business awareness of customer and employee involvement, the definitions, models and metrics of strong CSR models (the triple bottom line) and shared value and the leveraging of those models amongst  corporations, nonprofits and governments. Students will learn to: understand the concepts, frameworks and consumer demands related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); discuss current trends - doing well by doing good, diversity of stakeholders, executive focus and communications; understand the link between branding and CSR; and to apply learning to practical experience.

The course uses a multidisciplinary approach. Guest participants from corporations and nonprofits will highlight key points through practical examples.

Prerequisites: none

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Summer 2014Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2012Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2012Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2011Alicin WilliamsonSyllabus
Summer 2009Lucille PillingSyllabus
Summer 2008Lucille PillingSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Summer 2014Alicin WilliamsonEvaluation
Summer 2013Alicin WilliamsonEvaluation
Summer 2013Michael BalaoingEvaluation
Summer 2011Williamson, AlicinEvaluation
Summer 2010Williamson, AlicinEvaluation
Summer 2010Gonzalez, JenniferEvaluation
Summer 2009Goldschein, JenniferEvaluation
Summer 2009Pilling, LucilleEvaluation
Summer 2008Pilling, LucilleEvaluation
Summer 2008Goldschein, JenniferEvaluation
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