Criminal Justice and Neighborhoods

PADM-GP.4401, 1.5 points.

Semester: Fall


From the police, to the court system, to incarceration, to community supervision, criminal justice system practitioners and policymakers increasingly acknowledge that the community is both acutely impacted by justice system policy and practice, as well as is the critical partner in the generation of public safety and citizen quality of life. This course examines a wide range of criminal justice issues and their impact on the community; also critically examines the community’s role in demonstrating effective solutions, with a particular focus on the New York City criminal justice system and NYC neighborhoods.


CORE-GP.1011 and CORE-GP.1022 (or URPL-GP.2660)

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Fall 2014Elise WhiteSyllabus
Fall 2012Jessica ColonSyllabus
Fall 2011Ali KnightSyllabus
Fall 2010Ali KnightSyllabus
Fall 2009Ali KnightSyllabus
Fall 2009Ali KnightSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Fall 2014Elise WhiteEvaluation
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White, Elise Meagan

Weekly Schedule:
Mon - 4:55 pm to 6:35 pm

Session Dates:
11/07/2016 to 12/13/2016

Bldg:25W4 Room:C-8