Current Debates in U.S. National Food Politics/Policy

PADM-GP.4420, 1.5 points.

Semester: Fall


This course will explore a selected set of the most intensely debated topics in food politics/policy as currently practiced in the United States. This is not meant to be a comprehensive study of food systems or even of food policy; other Wagner and NYU courses provide such an overview. Instead we will investigate in depth several specific policy debates, reviewing the problem, currently-proposed solutions, and the complex politics of policymaking in a separated-powers system.

We will pay particular attention to key institutional actors throughout: these include the influence of lobbying groups (industry and advocacy/nonprofit); the interplay of federal departments and agencies (USDA, HHS, FDA, Executive Office of the President); the politics of food in the U.S. Congress and judiciary; as well as the role of academic and think-tank experts in shaping political outcomes.


CORE-GP 1022

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Spring 2014John GershmanSyllabus
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Gershman, John J

Weekly Schedule:
Mon - 4:55 pm to 6:35 pm

Session Dates:
01/26/2015 to 03/14/2015

Bldg:GODD Room:B02