The Arts and Artist in Urban Revitalization

PADM-GP.4619, 1.5 points.


This seven-week course addresses the role of arts institutions, artists and public art in revitalizing cities, with an emphasis on comparative domestic and international examples of distinctive interventions and the larger lessons that can be drawn from them. We examine how the economic, geographic and social context shapes both art and its role with respect to public policy goals. Students will refine their ability to analyze existing projects and programs and plan creative interventions as tools for revitalizing cities. In the process, we will also examine and broaden the definition of public art. The class is appropriate for those interested in both public policy, planning and administration as well as arts-based practice and theory.


CORE-GP.1022 or permission from instructor

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2016Tim Tompkins, Sherry DobbinSyllabus
Spring 2015Sherry Dobbin, Tim TompkinsSyllabus
Spring 2014Sherry Dobbin, Tim TompkinsSyllabus
Spring 2014Sherry Dobbin, Tim TompkinsSyllabus
Fall 2009Syllabus
Summer 2009Syllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Spring 2015Tim TompkinsEvaluation
Spring 2015Sherry DobbinEvaluation
Spring 2014Sherry DobbinEvaluation
Spring 2013Sherry DobbinEvaluation
Spring 2013Tim TompkinsEvaluation
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