Research Methods

PHD-GP.5902, 4 points.


Required for doctoral students.

This course prepares the student to do and to evaluate social science research using a variety of research methods. Basic issues regarding the formulation of research questions, research design, and data collection and analysis are addressed. The course material encompasses both quantitative and qualitative methods in the discussion of the basic components of the research process: conceptualization and measurement, sample selection, and causal modeling. In addition to teaching techniques and conventions of doing research, the course also acquaints the student with critical issues in the philosophy of science, ethical questions, and how to write a research proposal.


CORE-GP.1011 and PADM-GP.2902. (PADM-GP.2902 may be taken concurrently.)

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Fall 2014Rajeev DehejiaSyllabus
Fall 2013Rajeev DehejiaSyllabus
Fall 2012Colleen GillespieSyllabus
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Fall 2015Rajeev DehejiaEvaluation
Fall 2014Rajeev DehejiaEvaluation
Fall 2013Rajeev DehejiaEvaluation
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Dehejia, Rajeev

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